Green Lady

  Herbal Apothecary. Herbal remedies, potions & lotions for natural health. Somerset


All  treatments use the Green Lady range of natural products..


  •  Indian Face Massage
30 mins;  £20

  • Green Lady Facial Using all Green Lady products! An organic green clay herbal mask, rose cleanser & rose mist toner followed by Rosehips & Roses Rejuvenate or Elderflower & Jasmine Facial Serum for a nourishing Indian face massage combined with acupressure points & Reiki
 1 hour:    £35

  • Aromatherapy Massages
Back & shoulders;  £35
 Using a blend of oils created specifically for the needs of each client. After an initial consultation to asess what iis needed, I will create either a massage blend for warming & stimulating muscles & joints , one for calming & soothing the nervous system or for deep relaxation...or for whatever else seems to be most potent for the massage. Enjoy a unique individual experience with a massage that is intuitively designed to give what is needed.

 Full body:  £70
A luxurious experience that will relax you totally. After an initial consultation to understand what is needed, I will create your own individual blend of aromatherapy oils. I do not massage by rote, it is by using my intuition and years of experience & knowledge. Therefore each massage is ultimately tailored to what each person needs; whether it is deep work on knots & muscle spasms or to soothe headaches or for emotional release or simply to just have some time out in order to relax & enjoy the soothing massage with beautiful scents. Each person is unique; each treatment is unique too.

  • Hot Stone Massage
Using the heat of the basalt stones a deeply intensive treatment that gets into the tension build up areas to release. Can either focus on back and shoulders or take the hot stones down into the feet and toes. A great winter warmer!
Can also be used in a combination with cold marble to intensify the treatment & finished with aromatherapy oils.

  • Back, shoulders, arms & legs: 1 hour  £50 
  •  Full body: 90 mins £80

Crystal Massage

Using a combination of traditional massage & quartz crystals, an intensive way to deal with tension, & stress build up using the crystal to amplify the healing process

1 hour : £35

Herbal Consultation1 1 hour £30

Unique healing perfume consultation1
  • 1 hour £30 (includes the perfume)
  • Flower Essences and aura sprays consultation £15-£30

  •  Herbs have always been an intrinsic part of our lives. Used to flavour our food, as medicine or to help our hair shine & our skin glow.Full of goodness & free of chemicals that are linked with cancer and disease, Green Lady Herbal Apothecary products are a pure & natural celebration of the gifts of nature.

  • To book an appointment please call  between 10 am- 5pm   07895 707 622