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Roses & Rosehip Rejuvenation Lotion

Filled with omega rich organic oils of rosehips, roses, extra virgin olive oil, hemp oil & avocado to help "plump" the cells of the subcutaneous layer to rejuvenate the skin naturally.
With jasmine oil, rosemary, elderflower and honey of elderberry and rosehips to nourish the face and neck and to help the elasticity of tender areas around the eyes & mouth.
With flower essences of White Rose, Evening primrose & Blue Iris, Rosewood, Frankinscence & Damask Rose essential oils to help with the nourishing on all levels. Apply a few drops with the ring finger to massage lightly around the eyes and into the skin of face, neck & decollete in light circular movements.
A few drops can also be added to the Wild Rose face cream. Use when the skin feels dry & in need of extra nourishment.