Green Lady

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The  humble herb Comfrey is full of essential minerals and has numerous uses. As a salve, blended with yellow beeswax and essential oils, this can be used on cuts,sprains, bruises and scars. Comfrey has had a long reputation for speeding up the healing of wounds and contains a substance that seems to stimulate the skins cells to self repair. it's old folk nick-name is "Knitbone" as its healing acceleration properties are said to work even on broken bones.
Safe to use on small children for life's bumps and bruises; no chemicals, no nasties. Just make sure a cut is well cleaned before applying the salve.

*I was bitten quite badly on my hand by a dog - I had nothing but Green Lady comfrey salve and although I should probably have gone to A & E for stitches I was catching a plane so didnt. My hand healed perfectly, no infection no scars.*

Mrs P Rawlingson Plant. Somerset