Green Lady

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Health & beauty are a state of mind and balance. When we are able to move stresses and strains through our bodies and release them and when we can find peace in our minds, we have found our inner beauty and state of ease that shines despite the trials of life.
Green Lady Dancing helps this process to happen. In a gentle and laughter filled environment, women and girls can open to their core beauty and strength.

Green lady Dancing


I have danced all my life and have been teaching girls and women for the last 15 years. During this time I have evolved a dance practice that promotes core strength, moves energy through the body, and encourages flexibility and fitness. Drawing from ancient traditions of Tai-Chi, yoga and temple dancing and then fusing with bellydance, gypsy and 5 rythyms Green lady dancing encourages each dancer to find their own unique expression, build up strength, release stress and above all, have fun

Anyone Can Dance

These classes are for women and girls of all levels as it is about your own movement and expression. The classes are a mix of meditational simple grounding dances moving into improvisations. It is about dancing with other women and celebrating femininity; it is not about who can look the most beautiful or dance the most gracefully. The classes give a chance to explore your inner world and move blocks and release stresses, have a laugh and have some quiet time if that is what you need.