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WILD ROSE BEAUTY BOX (Aphrodite's Secret)


This gift box is packed with the ultimate rose products of Rosehips & Roses Rejuvenation lotion &

luxurious Wild Rose beauty cream. Both have been designed so that they can nourish most skin types, the Rose facial serum packed with anti-oxidants, can be used at night either once a week for younger skin or daily for more mature skins. For some, it can be used in the mornings under the Wild Rose Moisturiser; Aphrodite's Secret is to listen to your skin's own needs. If you have been out in extreme conditions (wind, salt, city fumes or sun) or inside with lots of air conditioning or heating, it will affect your face. Allow the different layers to be nourished & rejuvenated by massaging in a few drops of the facial serum (lovely after a candlelit bath for a deep pore infusion) upwards on the neck & in gentle circular motions around the skin on your face, then protect the outside layer with face cream made with rose petals & hibiscus flowers to help  protect against free radicals.

Made with highest quality natural herbs & flowers, no parabens & only tested on family & friends.

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